“It’s not about you”. How many times in our lives have we made such a statement generally to others but occasionally to ourselves? How many times have we truly applied this concept to our thoughts, our feelings, our actions?

I recently began a journey of self exploration guided by a book I have owned for over 10 years but never read, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. The first sentence in the book states simply “It’s not about you”. It may seem strange to begin a journey of self exploration accepting the actualization that it’s not about me but being honest with myself I realize, making my life about me and not about God’s love is how I got to this place in my life today.

Growing up in a middle class mid-west home with a God fearing prayer warrior mom and hard-working good, honest father I was always expected to live by the golden rule and, for the most part, did. I started working at age 14, owned my first home at age 23, and I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. But currently I have no vehicle, no job and no drive to change my situation. According to societal standards I should be freaking out, worrying myself sick and chain-smoking not reading books and writing blogs. However, “It’s not about me”.

Feel free to join me as I experience, in my own way, this 40 day journey reading and applying the daily challenges in getting to know my purpose.